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Recovery (2016) - Darrell Wheat

I had seen Recovery on the Internet Movie Database and got kind of excited about watching it. It actually looked pretty interesting. The trailer was suspenseful and promising. It's hard for me to get excited for modern releases. They take tropes from other movies and beat them into the ground repeatedly. Unfortunately a large quantity of them happen to be crap. 
Apparently this is based on factual events. It follows a high-school girl that goes out clubbing with two stranger friends and her brother. She does drugs, drinks and eventually loses her phone and a friend. However, the a recovery app is installed and it shows the location of her missing phone. All she has to do is go to that location and get her phone right? 
This movie drags out badly. The plot becomes obvious within minuets and doesn't really mean much. The suspenseful nature is still there but the characters and plot are just so cheap and weak. The performances are mediocre at best. Kirby Blanton is our really ge…