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Maniac (2012) - Franck Khalfoun

Maniac is a remake of the 80's cult classic. This one is brought to us from Alexandre Aja and Franck Khalfoun, the point of this remake is to make you feel like you are actually committing these crimes. An effect that works, really, really well. At times it's nauseating to watch. Elijah Wood does a masterful job of being extremely creepy. He does justice to the Frank Zito name. 
Frank Zito, is in mannequin restoration. He lives and works out of his family's shop in downtown Los Angeles. Zito has some extracurricular activities that include stalking young women, getting alone with them, then killing them. Ultimately, Frank would end up cutting the scalps off of these women and staples them to his personal collection of mannequins.
The movie delves deep into the mind of a psychotic. What would you expect from a movie that's exclusively shot from the killers perspective. The psychology behind the characters is all really well thought out. You get to see what makes a psyc…