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Shutter Island (2010) - Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio is like Scorsese's pet, he seems to be featured in his last couple movies and he does an amazing job acting in those films. In Shutter Island, I have read about some people criticizing his acting and the acting in general in this movie. I think those are all false, I was on the fence the entire movie until the end when I realized just how well he acted in this. Also I heard that the editing was not up to Scorsese standards. Well here I would have to agree... Goodfella's and Casino are the two shining stars with the use of Scorsese's editing chops. A close friend of mine told me that Scorsese always shows you as much as he can in one shot rather than a multitude of different shots, this is true but not in this movie. I am going to agree here and say that the editing is sub-par.\

The film focuses on Teddy Daniels, a US Marshall who is investigating an escaped inmate at Shutter Island, a island dedicated to helping the criminally insane in Boston harbor. So…