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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) - Jonathan Liebesman

The prequel that no one was asking for. This movie explains the backstory to revisionist remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 2003. Of course if you are a fan of splatter flicks this is right up your alley. I usually don't mind the quality as long as the story is being developed. This works. The film hits the ground running. We get to see the birth of Leatherface and are introduced to the unlucky group of young people that will undoubtedly fall victim to the murderous Hewitt Family. 
The Hewitt family is just getting their footing and setting themselves up to be the most vicious and blood-thirsty family of killers in America. Thomas Hewitt has murdered his boss at the local meat packing plant and Charlie has executed and assumed the identity of the Sheriff. This doesn't bode well for the unlucky group of young adults riding through town. Not only are the adults being harassed by a gang of bikers, but they are also being hunted by the twisted cannibalistic family. 
The story…