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Nightbreed (1990) - Clive Barker

I first heard about Nightbreed from a few friends that were casual fans of horror. I had gone on this big Clive Barker kick and started reading the Books of Blood and Thief of Always. I had set my sights on reading Cabal when I heard about this movie. It wasn't long before a group of us threw the movie on. I fell in love. 
There is a place that exists where the freaks and monsters live. A variable Shangri-La for the macabre and grotesque. It seemingly exists between two realms and is extremely challenging to find. You must be deemed worthy to even step inside it. However, young Aaron Boone has been accepted into their society in order to help them fight off a conniving serial killer and the imposing forces that the outside world is sending in. This film shows the war between the two worlds. It really is a superb tale of supernatural fun and intrigue. 

Nightbreed is a gem. It's never really brought up in conversations about Horror or Clive Barker movies for that matter. But it st…