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Tales from the Crypt (1972) - Freddie Francis

Tales from the Crypt brings the EC Comic publication to the big screen in a decent anthology horror movie. Just like in the comic books you are presented these stories by the Crypt Keeper. Not as cool or grotesque looking as the Crypt Keeper that most will remember, but creepy none the less.
The main storyline follows a group of people that are on a tour of the Crypts in Britain. They get lost and wander into a strange room and are introduced to our host. He presents each of them with a tale.

...And all through the house. 
This is the cream of the crop. A escaped, psychotic, mental patient is stalking a woman that had just killed her husband in her house. It is christmas time and naturally the mental patient is wearing a Santa suit. This is the scariest of the movie. The actor playing the escapee did a great job. He was really frightening.

Reflection of Death
A man that is leaving his family for his mistress  is haunted by a mysterious nightmare that prophesies his own death. This short…