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Green Room (2016) - Jeremy Saulnier

When I was a teenager, I used to love going to cheap punk shows in Los Angeles with my friends. I saw all sorts of bands like Union 13, Tiger Army, The Unseen, Mustard Plug, H2O and even The Misfits* plus tons of other local shows. It was great. This movie played right into those nostalgic feelings. I had chosen this film to pay homage to an amazing actor that was taken far before his time. It also comes right off of the heels of me learning about this real-life presence of disturbing white supremacy in the Pacific Northwest on Discovery Channel.
A gutter punk band gets misleading information while finding a gig and ends up in an insane white supremacist compound. After their gig, they accidentally witness a murder leading to them being held captive by these degenerates. However, unlike other movies our heroes hold no quarrels about fighting back. Eventually, after a long standoff the group has it out with the neo-nazis and things get really nuts. The group has to survive skinheads and…