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Street Trash (1987) - James M. Muro

You have to prepare yourself for watching something like Street Trash. It's not something that you just jump right into. I had seen Slime City prior to watching this one. So I was kind of ready for the putrid ugliness. It's vile and disgusting, but it really gets the job done. As I said about Slime City, this feels like punk rock film. In your face and against the system. 
Some strange toxic liquor called Viper is making it's way around the streets. Homeless people are picking up these bottles and drinking the lethal concoction that makes your body physically melt. We take a look at two homeless guys that are trying to survive the effects of the booze while also dealing with other asshole homeless dudes and junk yard workers. 
Gore and mutilation effects are all over this picture. Body melt is a common theme. The effects are creative but terrible at the same time. They use really bright colors as a stark contrast to the usual blood and gore that we are used to. They have …