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The Burning (1981) - Tony Maylam

This initial release from Miramax is not much more than a usual "stupid-teen" horror movie. Where the teens in question are twenty somethings that take up as the camp councilors at a summer camp that is being stalked by a demented and disfigured killer. The killer was a former janitor that fell victim to a prank that went too far. This takes place during his revenge.

The acting in the movie is pretty basic. You have seen the scenes before. The plot is predictable. However, how much does any of that actually matter? Does it matter, that you know the counselors that run off to have sex in the woods aren't going to come back? No. You just want to tune in to see how they are going to die. Also, the killer in the movie is based on an actual urban legend named... Cropsy. I couldn't believe it either.

This movie received unfair comparisons to the handfuls of slasher movies that were released after this. Those comparisons hurt the movie overall. It did dismally at the box off…