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Mans Best Friend (1993) - John Lafia

Mans Best Friend is a horror (comedy?) movie that is filled with uber-ridiculousness from beginning to end. The movie has a 90's made-for-tv kind of feel to it with campy humor and bad graphics. The film is trying to be original and succeeds in its quest. I haven't seen a good dog-horror film since Cujo, but this movie is no Cujo.
The movie is about a dog that is "rescued" from a laboratory by two young twenty somethings that have something to prove to the world. This dog however isn't a big old cuddly doggy with rivers of slobber and a love that knows no boundaries. Nope, roll over Beethoven, this dog is a killing machine... literally. This dog has tons of genetically modified traits like expendable claws for climbing trees. Understands basic English and also understands the components of an Auto-mobile. This dog has metal eyes that probably do something cool, but the movie ran out of money. The dog can run upwards of 75 miles per hour. Finally, this dog pees pu…