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Halloween (1978) - John Carpenter

So this is it, the cream of the the crop for Halloween horror movies. The final movie of my 31 horror movies of Halloween is none other then the original, I repeat original, Halloween from 1978. This is John Carpenter's masterpiece, he hasn't really done anything worth a damn since this movie. I mean it look back at the movies that he has on his record and put them up against this... Well I guess that the Thing stands up there pretty good, but thats just about it. I am a huge fan of this series and I think that this is a great start point for the consistently depreciating franchise.  
The movie is about a girl named Laurie that is being stalked by Michael Myers. Myers is being stalked by his short, stocky, and bald psychiatrist. The psychiatrist blows into town and takes over as the head sheriff.  He does little to help anyone actually find the killer, but he does shoot him. Well that is kind of what happens, but if you don't know then you should really just forget about …