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Don't Go In The House (1980) - Joseph Ellison

This movie really pushes some limits. It came out in 1980 and earned itself a spot in the infamous Video Nasties group. This film has shades of Psycho and a great deal of graphic content ready to keep you up for the next few nights. The quality may be crap but the product is oh so good. Don't Go in the House is a quality horror movie.
The plot revolves around Donald "Donny" Kohler. A weak man with a mental condition, that likes to find women and torture them with a flamethrower. This is a response to his horrific upbringing. He keeps the corpses of the women that he kills in his home. He finds comfort in them and dresses them up and talks to them. His emotions change over the course of the picture and he starts to become more and more abusive to the corpses. It's strange but in a good way. 

This movie doesn't tend to pull any punches. The torching scenes are really graphic and intense. It's an overlaying theme that stays consistent throughout. This is a contrib…

Creepshow III (2007) - Ana Clavell and James Dudelson

Creepshow and parts of Creepshow 2 are classics. This movie is not Creepshow or even parts of Creepshow 2. This movie shouldn't even be under the same title as those others. It isn't on par. It doesn't belong. Tom Savini has said that he considers Tales From the Dark Side more Creepshow 3 than this garbage. 

This nightmare has a confusing plot that has interweaving story-lines and characters. It has a cartoon opener just like it's predecessors but it's weak and not very good. The individual stories are equally weak as they lack any sort of depth or plot. The acting isn't anything either. The first story is a great example of how the movie is as a whole. 

The first story starts out with Alice, a girl that hates her neighborhood, walking home. She complains about losing her licence as she walks down the middle of a street on her cell phone. Her father gets his hands on some strange remote control that changes reality. It tosses his daughter Alice into different rea…

Altered States (1980) - Ken Russell

Altered States is a fantastic film that explores the dark side of psychological experimentation with psychedelics. Some parts feel like a dark story told by Timothy Leary. The film deals with advanced scientific theories like genetic regression as well. It is based on the work by Paddy Chayefsky, who apparently hated it and disowned his involvement. All of these factors make for a hell of a picture. 
The film stars William Hurt and Blair Brown. Both play genius scientists that fall in love. Edward Jessup (Hurt) is obsessed with finding reality in other dimensions. He hopes that copious amounts of psychedelics would propel him into the unknown, and for the most part he is right. He takes these drugs and then gets into an isolation chamber. This act really enhances the trip. Emily (Brown) is genuinely concerned when Edward starts complaining about the drugs and time spent between dimensions was actually making him regress in evolution. Edward slowly turns into a neanderthal. 

Ken Russell …