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Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987) - Deborah Brock

Found this little gem today at Goodwill on VHS. They don't always have the best selection; most of the time they only have a few copies of Aladdin and Die Hard 2. This time I was pretty lucky and actually picked up 3 flicks: This movie, Jawbreaker, and Trick of Treat (Which looks like a carbon copy of Slumber Party Massacre 2, at least from the cover).
One, this is an extremely weird horror movie. Two, this movie has all sorts of re-watch value. Three, this movie fits right along with Behind the Mask. Both movies have a ton of horror movie references (for example this movie has two police officers, Voorheis and Keruger). The movie is littered with terrible one liners and various dance sequences. Oh wait, did I not mention, the movie is a musical. Everyone in the movie is in one way or another fixed into a musical sequence. Unfortunately the soundtrack for this gem was never released and the songs are extremely hard to come by. 
The plot? Was there a plot? Not really, the survivin…