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Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock

The iconic, terrifying, and original Alfred Hitchcock tale of a man and his mother. This is more than just your usual horror movie. Psycho is Hitchcock's vision on murderous real-life killers like Ed Gein or Albert Fish. Or at least his interpretation of the novel. 
The casting was an enormous task for Hitchcock that went was adamant about his choices. Anthony Perkins is fantastic. Norman Bates transformed killers in movies. Hell, it transformed what the public thought of those around them.  could be just about anyone that I could know. The killer wasn't adorned in some fantastic costume. He was just a neighbor kid. He looked perfectly normal. Such a great job of bluffing the viewer, that is unless you are watching this movie already knowing the twist. Then its not much of a surprise.
Psycho follows a young woman that turns up missing after stealing a large amount of cash and disappearing from a out of the way motel. The number one suspect is Norman Bates, a young unsuspectin…