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Return to Horror High (1987) - Bill Froehlich

Return to Horror High is a Horror/Comedy movie that doesn't succeed at anything its trying to do. The movie is a complete failure all the way from the beginning to the end. The film "stars" George Clooney despite the fact that he is only in five minuets of it, and Maureen McCormick who you know as Marsha Brady from the original Brady Bunch who plays a horny young police officer. Both actors give the worst performances of their careers, its terribly pathetic. All in all this movie was a car wreck that lasted all of an hour and thirty five minuets.
The plot is incredibly confusing and it weaves in and out of the old movie-in-a-movie gimmick with a film crew that decides to film at a high-school. The high-school has a weird past where people were murdered by someone that may still be on the loose. I don't really know. Its really hard to follow and it doesn't make much sense.
The movie does however have one of the crappiest sex scenes I have ever seen. First both…