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The Monster Walks (1932) - Frank R. Strayer

For some reason back in the heyday of making movies the producers and writers thought that Gorillas were extremely scary. In this hour long snooze fest the antagonist is supposedly a giant gorilla. The Monster Walks from 1932 is a terribly acted and even worse, terribly scripted movie. The characters go nowhere and the terrible excuse for an ending is horrible. The movie is, from beginning to end, talking. Just five people and jive talking driver talking for an hour.
The movie is about a girl who inherited an estate from her dead father. The girl's uncle and cousin come to the house to do something to try to get the house. The Uncle has some sort of weird thing going on with the girl, it is apparent in many scenes, its weird. There is something about an ape going crazy and getting out at night and strangling people. I wont ruin the movie for you but it is a weird and crazy story.
The acting is atrocious, i cant put my finger on what it is exactly. I don't know if either the …