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House (1986) - Steve Miner

I first watched this movie with my dad when I was like five or six. It scared me then but fails to do so now. Over time this movie hasn't held up as the horror movie heavyweight that I remembered it being. However, it still entertains and has some freaky moments. Also it has George Wendt from Cheers and Richard Moll from Night Court. It's pretty chock full of eighties television stars. 
The film is about Roger, a Vietnam veteran that's been in the shit and watched some close friends die. Not only that, but he has also recently lost a son and favorite Aunt. It is safe to say that this guy has been through a lot. When he moves into a haunted house, that tips him right over the edge.

I didn't really notice it before but now that I watch this movie it starts to dawn on me that Roger is suffering from a really intense case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His PTSD manifests supernatural events to occur in his new home. Things move around. Dead people from his past return…