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Dracula (1931) - George Melford

The original English language Dracula from 1931 stars Bela Lugosi and gained all of the favor after it's release. The film has become iconic in horror movies and is an undeniable classic among film fans. The movie elevated Universal Pictures to the franchise name for Horror. It also elevated Carl Laemmle to production greatness. However, the Dracula that everyone knows and loves was filmed right alongside a Spanish language version with an entirely different cast. This Dracula from a parallel dimension was directed by George Melford and starred Carlos Villarías. In many ways it is superior to the English version.
Let me give you a little background: When the original Dracula (the English version) was being filmed the studio decided that it would be a great idea to film a second version with an all Spanish speaking cast. The English version went on to get all of the fame, money, and girls. The Spanish version was left by the wayside, but upon viewing with scholars eyes, you will not…