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The Walking Dead (1936) - Michael Curtiz

Boris Karloff stars in this dramatic piece about a man that gets framed and put to death. However, his heart is revived by a Mad Scientist of sorts and he comes back to avenge his erroneous death! In a way... 
Boris Karloff gives a pretty decent performance that's very close to his Frankenstein one. What can I say. The guy is a decent actor but he lacks range. I think his most stand out performances thus far, aside from Frankenstein, have been in The Black Cat and The Black Room. Marguerite Churchill wasn't bad. Her character got pushed into the background quite frequently. Ricardo Cortez was a great villain though. He was pretty sinister. 
Karloff starts picking off his enemies one by one. However, he doesn't actually place a hand on any of them. It's pretty interesting and kind of reminded me of Final Destination. That was about the most interesting thing that the movie had going for it. The climax and general lead-up to the meat of the movie couldn't hold water. I…