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Fiend without A Face (1958) - Aurther Crabtree

In the 1950's Monster movies were a dime a dozen. You couldn't go to a drive in theater in the 50's and throw a rock without hitting a teen couple making out in the passion pit to giant sea creatures invading New York. This was common place, well I am excited that I have finally cracked my first 50's monster movie, for review. Fiend Without A Face comes to us from America's hat, Canada, and it serves up a pretty good time.
Atomic Testing at a US Air Force base in Alberta leads to various town folk being killed by a mysterious force that is feeding on the Atomic energy. Marshall Thompson plays the hero, Major Cummings, who realizes that the US should stop their testing but of course they don't listen and he has to save the world! This movie goes places that I really enjoy and they even employ clay-mation to bring you the monsters. Brains!
These movies are a dime a dozen and they all have the same storyline. I can't give this movie too high of a score because i…