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Jeepers Creepers (2001) - Victor Salva

Justin Long is quickly becoming a horror movie icon. I have already watched and written about a good deal of the horror movies that he is in. I had also previously seen Clownhouse by director Victor Salva, a half decent horror movie that was overshadowed by this creeps pervishness. Jeepers Creepers feels like it might be something good. But I think it just has that feeling. I hadn't actually seen the movie since it was released in theaters. Nor had I even thought about it. At the time it just didn't seem that impressive. I hope that after watching it again, my tastes may have changed. 
Darry and his sister Trish, are travelling across Florida when they are bullied and harassed by a jerk in a dirty old van. They end up becoming witnesses to something pretty sinister involving that certain jerk. The jerk actually ends up being a crazy creature with an insatiable taste for fear. Can Darry and Trish survive? Who is the crazy lady telling them that they are in danger!
I found the …