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An American Werewolf in London (1981) - John Landis

If you know me then you should come to no surprise when I say this: werewolves are stupid. I find the whole lore behind them dumb. John Landis, however, directed this movie and in my opinion it is the greatest werewolf movie to date. I love his use of subtle humor fused with a perfect storyline sprinkled with bits of brain and guts. This movie to me is horror movie perfection. It touches everywhere you want to be touched. It has suspense and it even has a few jump out/in-your-face scares. It is a great mix. 
This movie is about a guy named David who is backpacking with a friend through England. During their travels David and his friend are assaulted by a werewolf; his friend is killed, but David escapes with a bite. With this bite the werewolf curse is passed to David, and having been killed by a werewolf his friend is stuck in limbo, constantly haunting David, provoking him to kill himself.
David meets a hot nurse while being treated for his werewolf inflicted wounds, and hits it off…