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Warlock (1989) - Steve Miner

An original idea that never really took off. The film sat on the shelves for years just waiting for me to pick it up. Unfortunately, I always dispatched the thought of watching the movie based on the idea that it would be largely disappointing. I was kinda wrong. It's a nostalgia trip for those that grew up in the late eighties, early nineties. And although it has corny elements. It has an intrigue that holds true. I enjoyed watching this one. 
Giles Redferne (Richard E. Grant) and the Warlock (Julian Sands) are transported into the future from 1691. They end up in 1991. There are some comedy elements to their adaptation to this modern culture. However, the horror starts almost immediately. The Warlock seeks to end the world by using the Devil's bible. While Giles tries to stop him. Almost like a satanic Terminator. Our other protagonist is Kassandra with a K. The young heroine of the film, who gets wrapped up in this crazy adventure. She's like Blossom and Punky Brewster w…