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Castle Freak (1995) - Stuart Gordon

So I am picking these movies at random and I have already gotten 3 Stuart Gordon movies, each one was a first viewing. This guy is a Horror genius, he really knows his stuff. He is really on spot with putting Jeffery Combs in each film too, alongside Barbara Crampton. This guy is running up the list of my favorite horror directors. Not only is this the third Stuart Gordon movie that i have watched like in the last month, this is the third H.P. Lovecraft one too (This is Lovecraftian right?)
Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton are married and they have/had two kids one of them is dead and one of them is blind and its all Mr. Combs' fault. With the exception of the dead one, they go to this castle that he inherited and its creeeeppppyyy. Remember that episode of the Simpson's where Bart has a brother hidden away in the attic and it eats fish heads? Well this is just like that but instead of fish heads its boobs... You heard it. Boobs...
So if you really like HP Lovecraft you wi…