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Spooks Run Wild (1941) - Phil Rosen

Spooks Run Wild is a hilarious romp. I never thought I would use that term but here we are. The East Side Kids are not as annoying as you would think. The movie feels like it was filmed years before 1941, but that is just due to a pretty low budget. Bela Lugosi stars and does a pretty decent job. I liked this movie much more than any other of his post-Dracula vehicles.
A group of teens is sent out to a camp for "special kids". A small group wanders off and gets lost. These are the East Side Kids. The Kids end up walking through a graveyard. One of them gets shot and they take refuge in the nearest home. That home happens to belong to a mysterious vampire-like stranger played by Bela Lugosi. He offers to help them and insists that they stay at his home for the night. Weird things start to happen and the East Side Kids try to escape before they meet their demise. 
This movie was incredibly surprising. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. Sometimes it gets tedious,…