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Drag Me To Hell (2009) - Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi is a tried and true director in the horror genre. You should already be pretty familiar with his work in creating the Evil Dead franchise and bringing Spiderman to the big screen. He has a very distinct style that mimics graphic novels and comic books really well. It's very apparent here with Drag Me to Hell.
Christine is a loan officer at a bank that has the displeasure of rejecting an older gypsy woman for an extension on a loan. This proves to be bad for her as the woman attacks and places a curse upon her. She deals with many creatures and demons while surviving an incredibly creepy situations that will eventually lead to her burning in Hell forever if she doesn't end the curse.
The film has some really creative elements. It pulls from every horror cliche cache that Sam Raimi has in his mind. It just doesn't execute them properly and it over does it with CGI. One scene in particular has the corpse of the elder gypsy woman pulled over a distressed Christine. …