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Zombeavers (2015) - Jordan Rubin

Kumail Nanjiani had mentioned this film on his podcast, The X-Files Files. I noted it and thought that it would be fun to explore during the 31 Movies of Halloween. I didn't know that it would be so much fun. Not quality fun. But good old fashioned Summertime tail-chasing fun.

Twenty-Somethings are trying to enjoy their vacation in a friends house, when they have to put up with mutated/infected beavers. The beavers are a product of a biological chemical spill. A bite from these beavers can actually turn you into a hybrid of them. Soon it's not just the tourists that are trying to survive. It's the whole town. 

Right from the start Zombeavers doesn't take itself seriously. Bill Burr and John Mayer are in our introduction for god-sakes. And they're hilarious! This movie is a horror movie, there is no doubt about that. However, this is a satire comedy that presses the envelope as much as it can. You can probably guess that the running gag in the picture is the beaver jo…