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Child's Play 2 (1990) - John Lafia

Chucky is an amazing horror movie protagonist. He is just so versatile. A character that the audience is both terrified and entertained by. Brad Dourif is unmistakeable as the voice of the psychotic Good Guys doll. It's another movie that I am used to seeing in the horror section at Blockbuster. The tag line, 'Sorry Jack, Chucky's Back' is a daunting line that haunted my dreams for years. 
After the events of the first film, Andy's mother is locked away in an asylum. Andy himself is placed into foster care. Hopefully it's an environment that can help him forget about the horrors that he sustained at the hands of his doll, Chucky. Not helping matters, the Good Guys corporation wants to keep the doll in circulation. They actually recreate the Chucky doll and get some deadly results. Now Chucky is back and needs Andy to play Hide the Soul!
I like that they explore the lore and magic of the series a bit more. We get to see what it's like when Charles Lee Ray stay…