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The Howling (1981) - Joe Dante

I have stated on numerous occasions that I am not a huge fan of werewolf movies. They always tend to come off a little goofy. I can't ever take them seriously when they walk around on their hind legs. It dumb. This movie is a prime example of what I am talking about. It's no surprise that a movie called The Howling deals with an obvious antagonist. Joe Dante does a great job of making this a parody of the genre by filling it to the brim with corny one liners and eye-rolling props. He sets himself apart from the others by making the werewolves in this movie more of a sex obsessed, rehab cult. Not bad, it's a good twist. 
The plot is about a weird, sadist, psychiatrist that brings people to a weird resort area and turns them into werewolves. "The mom from E.T." Dee Wallace plays a young woman, Karen White, that is a patient of the evil doctor. After a close call with a serial killer, Karen is harangued into going to that shifty resort. She suspects supernatural even…