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1408 (2007) - Mikael Håfström

This is a creepy movie through and through. It follows a haunted house-type storyline. However, it offers a fresh approach to the genre. Rather than having an entity to deal with or some ghosts to spook our hero, he has to survive the night in an evil room. 
Our hero, Mike Enslin, is a depressed and bored ghost hunter that pens successful books on the subject of creepy attractions across the world. His writing leads him to the beautiful Dolphin Hotel in the overly cramped New York City. The Dolphin Hotel is notorious for the fifty six mysterious deaths that have all taken place in room 1408. Get it. 1 + 4 = 5 + 8 = 13. Riveting. The manager of the hotel pleads with Mike not to stay in the room. But of course he stays. Why wouldn't he. 
This movie differs from other haunted house movies in a pretty big way. The manager says that there are no ghosts or demons. It is just an evil fucking room. This is scary on many levels. Firstly you are playing by the room's rules. Once you are…