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The Brood (1979) - David Cronenberg

The Brood is a disturbing and thought provoking movie that is brought to us by David Cronenberg. Some of the imagery he uses is just so intense and violent that it makes you shudder to watch it. You have to be in a certain mind set to really dive into this thing. The movie has the ability to incite all sorts of emotions in your brain, some parts of the movie are incredibly depressing and other parts are mortifying. Cronenberg does a great job of making his viewer feel a certain way when you watch his movies; I had never seen The Brood before and I didn't know what to expect, but suffice to say I became immersed in it.

The movie is about a man who is raising a little girl on his own and dealing with a divorce. His ex-wife is undergoing a radical new therapy that physically manifests itself as deformities on the patients body. Her therapist is a tyrant who keeps her in isolation and has many lawsuits against him claiming psychological damages; throw in some tiny little kid-like ass…