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Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) - John McNaughton

This is an uber-graphic and sadistic inside look at a serial killers life. Not a mild mannered professional like Dexter Morgan. No Henry is more of a silent psychopath that thinks four steps ahead, most of the time. He is out of prison and trying to make it everyday by murdering every once in awhile. He stays with this creep Otis and his sister Becky. Both of which are horrible wretched people right off the bat. Throughout the movie, Henry develops feelings for Becky and defends her on several occasions. Especially from Otis the rapist, murdering convict that harasses his sister on a daily basis. There aren't really any characters that I would even want to side with. Everyone is horrible. You would think, maybe Becky could be the character that you identify with. But no. She is naive and you can tell that something just isn't right in her brain. The character development is superb in this movie.
It's no wonder that the whole movie focuses on the scum and low life that a ser…