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Troll Hunter (2010) - Andre Øvredal

I started watching this one based on a recommendation that I got on Twitter. It looks like it will be a good addition to the 31 Movies of Halloween. I didn't start watching Troll Hunter with very high expectations. However, I was told that since I was a fan of the worlds that Guillermo Del Toro creates. I would love this too. That person was about half right. Troll Hunter is pretty fun and unique. Not very many movies out there that have to do with government conspiracies that cover up the existence of large, barbaric Trolls. That is original. The trolls themselves are pretty funny. They make me really miss Jim Henson. Thankfully, the director keeps away from the overuse of CGI and brings us actual guys in suits. I know, I know, cover your erections. The problem is that the Trolls look like giant cartoons. If I wanted to take this movie seriously. It's really hard to do with a baffoonish looking brute as your main antagonist.

The story in the movie is actually a bit more enga…