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Hell Night (1981) - Tom DeSimone

Hell Night is a painfully fun eighties slasher film that doesn't have the most original plot, or even the best acting. However, this movie does have Linda Blair at the beginning of her eighties romp. She provides ALL of the acting in the film, with the other characters being portrayed by sub-par stand ins. This is the beginning of her movie career that capitalizes on her character acting in The Exorcist. 

The movie takes place on Halloween night (i think) when the Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity decides to team up with their sister sorority and put the pledges through HELL NIGHT. This entails having two girls and two guys stay the night in a creepy old mansion, while the senior members have sex and terrorize the pledges. Only someone is picking teens off left and right.
The movie is un-original and the acting is sub-par. The best actress in the movie is Linda Blair and her best work was with The Exorcist. This venture just seemed lazy to me, just trying to ride on the Exorcist's co…