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Prom Night (1980) - Paul Lynch

I am dedicating this review to Leslie Neillsen who passed away recently at the age of 84. He was one of my favorite comedians and he will be missed. I am a huge fan of not only his comedy but also his more serious roles. Roles like Mr. Hammond. I am providing a link at the bottom of this review. The link is going to take you to my review of Creepshow that also features Leslie Neilsen.

There might be spoilers...
I figure that in order to honor Leslie Neilsen everyone is going to be watching Airplane! or Naked Gun and since I review horror movies, and I didn't want to be left out, I decided to watch Prom Night. This film facilitates my favorite Leslie Neilsen role; he is so calm and collected as a killer and his straight-man shtick is perfect. It is beyond reproach.
Leslie Neilsen does a great job of nailing home the sad father role. He plays a Principal whose child is murdered and now six years later someone is picking off the people who were responsible.
The movie was brutal and …