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Slugs (1987) - Juan Piquer Simón

Skeez and sleaze. These Roger Corman influenced pieces are a dime a dozen in the eighties. I love it. These VHS specials have a storytelling would be right at home during a fifties drive-in. However, they get the perk of being made in the eighties. That means more gore and explicit activity. Quite handy to have around for a quick horror movie-fest or random pizza date night flick. It's gonna be fun.

Slugs is the unbelievable tale of Mike Brady, the worst government employee of all time versus a slew of man eating, brain burrowing slugs with teeth! These slugs attack en masse and literally swarm over their victims tearing them to shreds. Mike Brady utilizes the full extent of his position as Health Inspector and has made it his personal task to eradicate these creatures. Hilarity ensues.

Horrible acting, writing, and effects plague the film from the beginning. However, it's all part of the charm. When it's taken ironically it goes down so well. Actors stumble over lines and b…