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Goosebumps (2015) - Rob Letterman

R.L. Stein had penned the first chapter books I had ever read. Goosebumps was a fantastic series that terrified me as a young man in short pants. Tales of ventriloquist dummies coming to life, evil possessive masks, and monster blood were all that I needed to breed a lifetime of insomnia fueled nights watching horror movies and writing about them. Stein himself is an awesome writer and great guy. I couldn't be happier about his media hitting the silver screen, and it's about time. 
Firstly, Jack Black is not the first person I would have chosen to fill any role in a Goosebumps inspired movie. However, his presence is not met with resistance. In fact he does a fantastic job of not being his usual self. I think that as his career matures, Black is starting to become less slap-sticky and more serious. Almost like an Orson Wells type actor. Surprisingly, he shows his chops here as R.L. Stein. That's right, this film is based in a reality that has Goosebumps novels and R.L. Stei…