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The Voices (2014) - Marjane Satrapi

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick star in this independent horror comedy from Germany. Weird? So is this movie. The Voices is a really wild ride. I has everything from dark humor to subdued gore. It looks like a movie that you would take your significant other to, maybe on a date night. However, under the surface it hides a pretty monstrous and dark underbelly. 
On the surface, Jerry is a really great guy that works at a bathtub factory. He's that guy that bounces around the office. Just a little annoying, but always happy. However, something is off. He had previously been administered to an asylum for several years and he goes to a psychiatrist that is appointed by the state for his condition. He hears voices. He speaks with his dog and cat. They speak back to him. When Jerry pursues his office romance things get bad. She stands him up on a date and comes to a horrible end. 
This black comedy actually hits some pretty good high-points. The banter between the pets and Jerry is grea…