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TerrorVision (1986) - Ted Nicolaou

This unique horror-comedy had caught my eye but I hadn't ever seen it. I frequently had gotten this movie mixed up with Stay Tuned, which I had seen frequently as a child and thus never picked up TerrorVision. But after my first viewing, I had become a big fan. It's also a big product of the eighties. And it totally shows.
A family with a satellite dish is frustrated with their poor service. The father customizes the dish and accidentally opens up a gateway for a horribly dangerous alien to come through. The alien has a taste for human flesh and can transfer from place to place through the television. It's dangerous in a huge house with multiple tvs.
TerrorVision is actually a really good schlock picture. The comedy is just right and it appears to be much higher quality than other movies of its same recipe. The effects aren't meant to be amazing. But for a satire on the giant alien-monster movies, it's perfect. It's provided by our good friend John Carl Buechle…