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The Blood On Satan's Claw (1970) - Piers Haggard

Blood on Satan's Claw is a film based in the 17th Century, following a group of Devil worshiping youths. It is low budget and has a few plot holes, but it still has a certain charm. I enjoyed watching this movie even though i really don't like watching pieces about this time period. The movie goes like this, Teenagers are invoking the dark lord and various people around the village are slowly turning into demons. Pretty basic i know, the movie was made in the seventies and the teenagers in the film tend to act more like kids from that year than the year that they are actually supposed to be playing. The antagonist is played by Linda Hayden, who does a pretty good job being the creepy, wild, and crazy satanist chick. The hero is very unlikely and, I like this, is actually the very conservative "Judge" played by veteran actor Patrick Wymark. If you want to see blood and guts this isn't the movie for that, and you only really get to see the monster in this movie fo…