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The Beyond (1981) - Lucio Fulci

The Beyond has everything that every vintage Italian horror movie has; horrible audio, poorly dubbed voices, messy scenes, strange music provided by some Italian art group, and a really intriguing story. Lucio Fulci brings us yet another Giallo splatter-fest. If you know me, you know that gore is the quickest way to my heart. And this movie has gore everywhere. It's really quite impressive. 
An angry mob murders a warlock back in the twenties in the cellar of an old hotel. This event opens a door to a dimension full of gruesome zombies. Liza Merril, a young woman, inherits the hotel and wants to renovate it. However, while doing so, she falls victim to some horrible events. Some rather unpleasant and horrific events. 

This movie is brash and violent. Some of the scenes are really brutal but effective in the horror sense. They really like the face melting element. They use it a lot. They do really well with it too. They get really detailed. Fulci gets right up into the thick-of-it wi…