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Slime City (1988) - Greg Lamberson

When i first heard of Slime City I got really excited. My enjoyment grew with the amazing opening synth theme. I came into it knowing that it would be low budget but that didn't even cross my mind. I just sort of... took it in and enjoied it for what it is. A cult classic from the eighties. A rare gem that prefers to stay hidden from the masses. 
The characters are likable enough to become invested. Alex is an art student that gets an apartment to "seal the deal" with his girlfriend Lori. The apartment building he moves into has some real upstanding characters. However, a Nick Cave wannabe and a biker skank seem to be the main culprits. The mucky biker chick seems to concoct this thick sticky ooze that the other tenants eat. They love it. It's pretty foul. 

The ooze is weird. It has odd effects. Although the initial effects are temporary, they could last for a lifetime. It makes your skin turn into a gelatinous substance and sends you into a murderous rage. At least th…

Forbidden World (1982) - Allan Holzman

An Alien rip-off directed by Allan Holzman and produced by Roger Corman. What would you expect? This isn't a movie for everyone and certainly is not for the younger viewers. It's gritty and gruesome. It's a cheap eighties schlock picture and it's beautiful.
Pretty cheap space battles. Pretty cheap special effects. The sound keeps fluctuating. It's a cult movie from the eighties and it's part of what made that era great. An interstellar Law man visits a Research Facility where a crazy Mutant has gotten loose. The mutant loves "restructuring" DNA and pretty much melts its victims into a puddle of gelatinous goop. Insert a Mad Scientist and two girls that can't seem to keep any clothes on and you have this.

This being a Roger Corman movie, is most definitely full of innuendo and sex. That's a Corman staple. Which isn't a bad thing. It just makes the horror sleazier. It's fun. It has a terrible soundtrack, bad editing, and trashy effects. Bu…