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House on Haunted Hill (1959) - William Castle

Every year, during Halloween time, my mother would put The House on Haunted Hill on television. Introduced and starring Vincent Price, Haunted Hill is a Halloween staple. The effects are cheesy and the overly dramatic cast list reads like a Twilight Zone episode. Richard Long, Carol Ohmart, Carolyn Craig, Alan Marshal, Elisha Cook Jr... The cast is full of big names from the late fifties.  The movie played big on the drive-in, date night, style of movie that was popular at the time.
Vincent Price plays Frederick Loren, a bored millionaire that decides to throw a haunted party for a random group of citizens. The party includes a $10,000 prize for anyone that stays though the night. $50,000 in all. Through the night the contestants begin to notice strange goings on. A vat of acid, used to dissolve bodies, sits in the basement ready for a new victim. Voices, Pounding, Walking, Knocking, all of these things are happening. Quickly driving the inhabitants mad. Can they stay the night?
The mo…