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The Last Exorcism (2010) - Daniel Stamm

The Last Exorcism isn't very adventurous in the genre. You can pretty much surmise what happens without watching it. Priest gets a call about a girl that is possessed, its always a girl for some reason. The priest comes, he is usually disillusioned. He preforms an exorcism that pulls the devil out into the real world. In just about every single one of these movies, the person that is possessed is always claiming possession by Lucifer himself. The possession is always dismissed and then returned upon. 
This movie was also bitten by the found footage bug that has been haunting horror for sometime now. Thanks Blair Witch Project. The film follows a disillusioned priest that starts preforming exorcisms as a way to show that there is no God. Of course he is proven wrong, just look at the poster for the movie. It doesn't matter. The plot is inconsequential, you are watching this movie to figure out why we are seeing the found footage. Folks. I don't know why you are seeing this…