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American Psycho (2000) - Mary Harron

This movie is the PSYCHO of the modern world. Showing that anyone can be a psychotic ax-wielding maniac. A world of excess and vices. A perfect little picture of the fast lifestyles of the wealthy "Wolves of Wall Street." Lot's of drugs, lot's of women, lot's of reservations, and lot's of business cards. Patrick Bateman is a fantastic character. This movie is based on the book American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. It is an amazing read. Check it out if you haven't. 

This movie is about Patrick. Patrick is an investment banker that has grown incredibly bored of his everyday lifestyle. His joys in life come in very few forms. He is very organized. Down to very fine details. He loves music. He loves sex. And, he loves murder. This film follows Patrick as he spirals further and further out of control. Everyone around him is in danger. 

We follow him through his everyday life encountering friends and victims along the way. The movie has a very unique tone, that …