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Phantom of the Paradise (1974) - Brian De Palma

This horror musical strikes a chord on the scary scale with how our hero is treated by the devilish antagonist, Swan. The songs in the movie are shades above Grease and just under Rocky Horror. It's an early movie directed by Brian DePalma that really showcases some serious artistic originality. Everything from the storyline to the music was crazy and new at the time. It's still a wonder to me that this is only just a cult classic.

The movie is about a nerdy, gullible, wind bag named Winslow. Who gets out smarted by the most notorious musical producer of all time. Enter Swan, the creepiest little man I have ever seen and the most evil force known to musickind. In a crazy game of sell me your soul, Winslow ends up nearly dying and suffering immense torture due to a harsh command from Swan. He is scarred after nearly having his head smashed in a vinyl press. When Winslow returns to exact his revenge upon Swan, he is fooled again! This movie clearly shows the influence that big co…