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Cat People (1942) - Jacques Tourneur

Cat People is an awesome film noir style horror film that has to do with some pretty heavy problems for its day. It was made during World War II, which was a crazy time for America and a crazy time to be making a horror film. The movie has to do with a young girl that believes she comes from this rare race of Serbians that can turn into cats. Not like house cats, but like full grown leopards and the like.

The movie is highly stylized and very uniquely shot. It has some really fantastic scenes that are creative and compelling. I am not a fan of anamorphic movies, films where the main villain turns into an Animal type thing just don't do it for me. However, this movie is very clever about its transformation. The effects are subtle and heavily shadowed to protect the charm of the story. Film noir is a fantastic medium to present these types of movies.

The acting in the movie is very well done Simone Simon does a great job as our helpless anamorphic and Kent Smith does a great job as h…