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Murders in the Rue Morgue (1933) - Robert Florey

You have heard me talk about this time and time again... Bela Lugosi is the greatest horror actor of the Golden Age. He is practically responsible for the popularity of horror during that period. My mom is the one who really got me into watching horror movies and she would talk about Bela Lugosi forever. So he is partially responsible for me loving horror as much as I do. This movie was released one year after his defining performance in  Dracula. It actually introduces Bela as "Dracula Himself" which is pretty funny to me. He never got out from under that role, hell he was Dracula.
So in this movie Bela is playing Dr. Mirakle, a mad scientist in France who does these crazy experiments on his monkey. You see he gets these girls, right, and he injects them with monkey blood to try and get a little play date for his killer ape. I don't really know if the doctor is a real doctor or just a lunatic. Oh one of the funniest things I thought is that the Ape's name is Eric. …