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The Fog (1980) - John Carpenter

The Fog is really short, both on entertainment and time. The movie feels like it just builds, and builds, and builds. However, nothing is ever really achieved. The antagonist is too vague. You never really know what the antagonist is, zombies, pirates, zombie pirates? There are too many questions that the movie leaves you with. It also feels as if it is rushed, and the run time seems to be a bit short.
The stars are a-plenty in this freak fest. Jamie Lee Curtis makes an appearance, this is during her scream queen era. Also joining the cast are Adrienne Barbeau, Janet Leigh, and Halloween III's Tom Atkins. Atkins really made his way around the horror movie circuit in the 80's. He was pretty popular. This is the third movie that I reviewed with Tom Atkins in it. It doesn't fare much better than Halloween III. Creepshow blows this one out of the water. 
The plot of this movie is pretty simple. Really simple in fact. This next paragraph has spoilers. So don't read ahead if…