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Clownhouse (1989) - Victor Salva

I for one am kind of afraid of clowns. At least I used to be. This movie would have scared the crap out of me back in '89. It still did a good job today. It wasn't spectacular but it did the job. My friends Grandmother had a series of pictures in her house that were about 10.5 x 13. The pictures were half mirror and half picture of a Norman Rockwell type clown's face. They were terrifying. At night, you would just see clown faces floating in the hallway. It was really disturbing. This movie was kinda like that.

The film is about an escaped group of disturbed mental patients that murder an entire circus. Assume the identity of a group of clowns. Then proceed to terrorize the one kid that is deathly afraid of all the clowns, and his brothers. The clowns actually seek to murder these boys that are staying alone in a really big house. It is an Old Dark House film that uses the clown style really well.

Sam Rockwell, Nathan Winters, and Brian McHugh had a really good amount of scr…